Primary Knee Replacement


Dr Gopal Reddy is a leading orthopaedic surgeon with high standards of excellence and evidence-based practice in hip and knee joint replacements. He is a dedicated and knowledgeable doctor who always strives to deliver the most effective and appropriate treatment that best fits the needs of individual patients.  

Dr Gopal Reddy, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Sunshine Hospitals, offers a wide range of services such as primary & complex knee replacement surgeries, primary & complex hip replacement surgeries, revision surgeries and orthopaedic trauma care. He addresses the full spectrum of orthopaedic problems and delivers the highest quality of orthopaedic care to all the patients.

Dr Gopal Reddy is extensively trained surgeon and uses only cutting edge and proven technologies for knee replacements to achieve the best treatment outcomes. He goes to extraordinary lengths to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from knee pain and knee injuries.    

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Understanding Primary Knee Replacement

Primary Knee Replacement, also known as a total knee replacement is a surgical procedure to relieve knee pain caused by arthritis. In this procedure, all parts of the diseased knee joint will be replaced with the artificial joint components. This surgery is becoming popular in older patients.

Total knee replacement is a completely safe and elective procedure. It is recommended when all other treatments are proven to be ineffective and inappropriate. The total knee replacement surgery aims at relieving pain, improving mobility, and overall strength of the knee joint that is limited because of knee pain.  

Primary Knee Replacement Surgical Procedure

Before the surgery date, you will be admitted to the hospital. Our anaesthetist will evaluate you and gives either a general or local anaesthesia. Then your surgeon will remove the damaged or diseased cartilage with artificial joint surfaces to restore the knee alignment and function. After the surgery, you will be sent to the recovery for careful monitoring of anaesthesia.     

The goals of total knee replacement surgery, include :

  1. Knee pain relief
  2. Improved ability to stand and walk
  3. Improved knee motion and strength

Infrastructure Highlights :

  • A 450-bed facility in 130,000 sq ft. built-up area
  • Multi-super speciality hospital
  • An entire floor dedicated to critical care
  • 12 modular operating theatres with laminar airflow
  • Exclusive floor for trauma suite – 25 ER beds
  • X-ray multislice, CT scan & 1.5 Tesla MRI scan, cath lab, two operative rooms
  • 10-bed trauma ICU emergency with separate entry for ambulance round the clock

Why Dr Gopal Reddy for Primary Knee Replacement ?         

  • Best-in-class treatment for advanced knee replacement surgeries
  • Nurses with specialized training in the care for joint management
  • Case management during treatment and after discharge
  • Registered dietician to monitor your dietary needs
  • Special Medicines for sports people  
  • Pain clinic for post-surgical recovery and long term follow up
  • Preoperative counselling, safety tips at home & work
  • Thorough medical checking
  • Advanced pain management and progressive physical therapy
  • Postoperative accelerated rehabilitation  
  • A fully customized exercise program         

When Is Total Knee Replacement Needed ?

Total knee replacement is considered in the case of :

  • Severe to moderate knee pain
  • Long-lasting knee inflammation and swelling
  • Knee deformity
  • Increasing stiffness
  • Decreasing daily function

Primary Knee Replacement FAQs

What are the components used in artificial joint surfaces ?

Artificial knee joints consist of components, including :

  1. The femoral component
  2. The tibial component
  3. The patellar component

What is Customized Total Knee Replacement ?

In the Customized Total Knee Replacement procedure, a patient has to undergo a 3-D CT scan of the knee. Depending on this scan, patient bone cuts are planned.

How Long Will the Artificial Joint Last ?

The artificial joint lasts for 15-20 years with proper care. The life of artificial prosthesis gets affected by the weight of a person and the activities involved.

Can a Diabetes Patient Undergo Total Knee Replacement ?

Yes, a diabetic patient can undergo Total Knee Replacement surgery, provided diabetes must be controlled before the surgery.

Do I Need a Walker or Stick Support Following the Total Knee Replacement ?

Yes, you need a walker or stick support for 3-6 weeks following the total knee replacement for external support.

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