Revision Hip Replacement in Hyderabad

Revision Hip Replacement is a complex procedure and requires a higher level of expertise and experience for achieving the best possible outcomes. Dr Gopal Reddy is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon with 20 years of experience in performing revision hip replacements, and & minimally invasive knee and hip joint replacement surgeries in Hyderabad.

Dr Gopal Reddy is the most qualified doctor from AIIMS, with a strong bias towards unmatched healthcare experience and handles high profile cases very well. He is amongst the finest Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon in India, currently associated with Sunshine Hospitals, Hyderabad. He makes sure that every patient receives the most appropriate treatment that yields excellent outcomes.   

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Understanding Revision Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is the surgical procedure which enables the people to lead happy and active lives without debilitating hip pain. It is one of the most successful procedures but may fail in some instances for reasons such as implant wear and loosening, infection, recurrent dislocation, fracture, and allergy to metal, etc.

When first hip replacement surgery fails, then your doctor may recommend second surgery, popularly known as revision hip replacement surgery. During this surgery, your surgeon may replace some or all original prosthesis with new implants. Both the surgeries aim at alleviating the hip pain with the same goals.

Patient Assessment

If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort or bleeding, schedule an appointment with Dr Gopal Reddy. He will conduct a physical examination to make sure that you are healthy enough to have a revision hip replacement surgery. If you have any additional medical conditions such as heart disease, then you will be recommended to a specialist before the surgery.

 As a part of the physical examination, he may order a few imaging tests such as X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans or computerized tomography (CT) scan and other laboratory tests such as blood tests.     

Revision Hip Surgical Procedure

Once the decision for the Revision hip surgery is made, Dr Gopal Reddy will discuss all the options available and fixes a surgery date. On the surgery date, you will be admitted in the hospital and will be given either a general or local, depending on your case.

Revision hip surgery takes longer than primary hip surgery. Firstly, Dr Gopal Reddy will make an incision at the existing incision sites and removes all the old components. He will then extend the incision and reaches the hip joint. Nextly, he will examine the soft tissues and all parts of the prosthesis in the hip joint, and look for infection and other problems such as implant wear and loosening, recurrent dislocation, fracture, and allergy to metal, etc.

Finally, he will replace the original prosthesis with new or specialized revision implants. He makes sure that the implants are well fixed and places the drain in your hip joint to collect fluid or blood. Then you will be sent to the recovery room, and the supporting staff carefully monitors your anaesthesia.

Infrastructure Highlights :

  • A 450-bed facility in 130,000 sq ft. built-up area
  • Multi-super speciality hospital
  • An entire floor dedicated to critical care
  • 12 modular operating theatres with laminar airflow
  • Exclusive floor for trauma suite – 25 ER beds
  • X-ray multislice, CT scan & 1.5 Tesla MRI scan, cath lab, two operative rooms
  • 10-bed trauma ICU emergency with separate entry for ambulance round the clock

Why Dr Gopal Reddy for Revision Hip Replacement?         

  • Best-in-class treatment for advanced revision surgeries
  • Nurses with specialized training in the care for joint management
  • Case management during treatment and after discharge
  • Registered dietician to monitor your dietary needs
  • Special Medicines for sports people  
  • Pain clinic for post-surgical recovery and long term follow up
  • Preoperative counselling, safety tips at home & work
  • Thorough medical checking
  • Advanced pain management and progressive physical therapy
  • Postoperative accelerated rehabilitation  
  • A fully customized exercise program

Benefits of Revision Hip Surgery

The following are the few benefits of revision hip replacement surgeries :

  • Enough pain relief
  • Improved mobility
  • Reduced risk of infection

When is Revision Hip Surgery Needed ?

Most hip replacements are successful and work well for the first 15 years. After this period, the candidates with hip replacements may experience some worn out their prosthesis. The people with the following reasons may need hip revision surgery:

  • Infections, and damage to the prosthesis
  • Aseptic loosening
  • Bone breakage around the replacement
  • Obesity
  • Dislocation of the initial prosthesis
  • Mechanical loosening of the device

Revision Hip Surgery FAQs

Which Factors Can Contribute To Wear?

Here are the few factors contributing to wear :

  • High impact exercise
  • Playing sports
  • High weight
  • Type of implant
  • Disease such as osteoporosis

What Are The Signs of Hip Revision Surgery?

The signs of hip revision surgery are persistent pain and swelling.

Why Revision Hip Surgeries takes longer to perform than primary total hip replacement?

During revision surgeries, your surgeon will first remove the original implants and takes all the necessary measures to preserve the hip bone. If your surgeon used cement during the initial surgery, then it will be removed as well. Removing cement from the bone makes it a time-consuming process.

Is Physical Therapy Needed?

As a complex procedure, the recovery following the revision surgery would be slow. Continuous exercises can help you with increased strength, mobility, and ability to do your everyday activities. We will suggest a physical therapist who will work with you and provide you with specific exercises.  

How Do I Schedule An Appointment ?

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