The hip pain does not lie, so whenever you feel pain, you should pay attention and visit the doctor to deal with it.

The common problem that affects most of the population today is Hip pain. If you are a person experiencing hip pain, you need to follow up and don’t ignore the pain. The hip joint is a series of vertical axes that allow bending, stretching, and rotation internally and externally. Apart from movement, the hip joint also helps in bearing weight and strength.

If you or a loved one is preparing for hip surgery, you may hear some myths from various sources, that makes you worry about the procedure. Sometimes it can also cause confusion. Information overload is a legitimate problem, and sometimes you only need a proven voice to clarify the truth.

So, this blog is useful for you!

The first step in healing your hip pain, so get the information and learn how to separate fact from myth and contact Dr Gopal Reddy immediately. This blog provides you with common myths about hip replacement surgery.

The conventional surgery procedure currently is Joint Replacement. Joints such as shoulder, hip, and knee help regularly carry or balance body-weight. Therefore the health of the bones is critical for our mobility and good quality of life. Nowadays, change in diets and lifestyles have caused a large number of people with weak joints, worn-out joints, arthritis, and other bone-related diseases. While home remedies can only relieve temporary pain and discomfort, they cannot correct mechanical problems in the joints. So joint replacement is a better alternative.

Below are some of the myths and facts of hip replacement surgery:

Common Facts And Myths About Hip Replacement Surgery

Myth 1: Most Of The People get Hip Replacement surgery after An Injury:

Common Facts And Myths About Hip Replacement Surgery

Fact: If a person has fractures and other injuries caused by falls or accidents it can result in a replacement. But the truth is that most hip replacements are done when arthritis worsens. That means when someone is in constant pain and cannot perform day to day activities. Usually, this pain and condition develops over time, not as a result of particular or specific incidents. So, no replacements are done after an injury, and it is done if the pain worsens over time.

Myth 2: Age Under 50, Too Young to Get a Joint Replacement.

Common Facts And Myths About Hip Replacement Surgery

Fact: Doctors say that currently, there is no specific age to determine whether a patient is a right candidate for hip or knee or any other joint replacement surgery. Instead, the decision depends on the level of damage, and pain experienced by the patient.

In earlier days, joint replacement parts had a limited lifespan. As technology advances, we now have replacement parts that have a longer lifespan so younger patients can feel much better after replacement.

Myth 3: If you have a joint replacement, say goodbye to sports.

Facts: Instead of drastically limiting patient activity, joint replacement helps people to be active in low-impact sports. The goal of surgery is to return the patient to a healthy life.

Dr Gopal Reddy aim in hip replacements is to send the patient with no pain and with the proper functionality of the joint. But the patient must avoid vigorous sports such as basketball and long-distance running because this activity shortens the life of the replacement joints.

Myth 4: Hip replacement surgery means patients should stay in the hospital for an extended period.

Fact: In olden days, it was reasonable to spend up to 10 days in the hospital after hip replacement surgery, today an average of two to three days is sufficient. With improvements in technology and patient care, hospitalization is significantly shorter than before. Most of the patients who had a hip replacement with Dr Gopal Reddy will stay less than two days after hip replacements. A large percentage of the patients return the day after surgery. Some patients go home on the same day.

We make patients get up and walk soon, even on the day of the operation. The doctor also sends patients home earlier, because home is a better recovery environment for the patient.

Myth 5: In order not to cause further injury, must Refrain from exercising before a Hip replacement surgery.

Fact: No, it is false; doctors almost always recommend that patients build their muscles and work on their flexibility before surgery. It helps recovery and reduces the stress and strain on other body parts. Exercise is also beneficial for weight loss before surgery. This weight loss helps your replacement get well soon and enables you to adapt to your new hip replacement.

Myth 6: After replacing the hip joint, you will be as good as earlier:

Fact: Although a new hip replacement can open up new opportunities for you from time to time but doesn’t solve every problem immediately. It is essential that you follow your physiotherapy regime after the procedure and monitor your replacement and limitations, especially in the first few months after your surgery. It will be useful to try your new replaced joints, but for the healing process, it’s essential to take time and slowly do more activities.

Myth 7: The pain will disappear by own

Fact: Hip pain can occur suddenly or gradually over time. Although sometimes hip pain can improve on its own, it is always a good idea to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. If you ignore the pain and fail to treat pain it can cause stress to other parts of the body. This pain can affect your stability or even make you limp.

Many people say that hip pain is temporary, and they try to relieve it by resting, self-medication, receiving physiotherapy, or massage. These methods can provide temporary assistance but may not solve the root problem. These approaches are only beneficial if they are part of a multimodal medical care strategy.

If your hip pain continues or you see swelling, redness, or pain around your joints, be sure to contact a doctor.

Myth 8: Hip Pain is Only Part Of Aging that You Have to Deal With:

Common Facts And Myths About Hip Replacement Surgery

Fact: Several sources of pain can currently tolerable. Although it may be true that osteoarthritis is a standard part of ageing, there is no reason for someone to suffer from hip pain throughout their lives. If analgesics and cortisone injections do not provide relief in osteoarthritis. Total hip replacement surgery can fully relieve osteoarthritis associated with hip pain.

Myth 9: People with Severe Hip Arthritis Cannot Get Hip Replacement:

Fact: People with severe hip arthritis are ideal candidates for hip replacement because osteoarthritis is the most common cause of hip damage. Other causes include fractures, tumours, and injuries. Only in very poor health, most orthopaedic surgeons decide not to replace the hip joint.

Myth 10: Hip Replacement Surgery is Very Invasive:

Common Facts And Myths About Hip Replacement Surgery

Fact: Most of the patients believe that, in surgery, total hip joint is removed and replaced with a prosthesis, but doctors really take the minimum amount of bone before using a prosthesis part. Today, surgeons also use less invasive techniques and smaller incisions to replace the part. So even though joint replacement is a significant operation, the scope is limited. This is far less invasive than many patients think.


If you want to undergo hip replacement surgery and have some myths or misunderstandings, doctors can help you to decide which is right for you. Regardless of whether you have been diagnosed or begun research, understanding the myths and reality of hip pain is very important to determine the best treatment plan for you.

To learn more, contact Dr. Gopal Reddy Consultant Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement Surgeon at Sunshine Hospitals. To find out whether joint replacement surgery is the right choice for your overall health, call +91 99492 55522. He will answer the most frequently asked questions about your operation and teach you about your recovery.

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Common Facts And Myths About Hip Replacement Surgery

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