Knee Replacement

Dr P Gopal Reddy is a top joint replacement surgeon performing knee replacement, hip replacement, reconstructive surgery, & sports surgeries for the patients suffering from related disorders. He also performs procedures for athletic injuries and age-related joint problems. He is the best orthopedic surgeon in Hyderabad to perform the advanced orthopedic procedures that are recognized as a benchmark in joint replacement surgery.    

Dr. P Gopal Reddy is a senior consultant at the Sunshine Hospitals, department of orthopedics. He possesses 20 years of international experience in treating a full range of orthopedic conditions. He is the qualified surgeon with fellowship training in joint replacement from AIIMS (New Delhi), the world’s most recognized medical center.     

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Total Knee Replacement :    

Total knee replacement is a complex surgical procedure in which your surgeon removes the arthritic bone and damaged cartilage from the knee joint and replaces them with metal and plastic components. These components stimulate the natural cartilage and facilitate the smooth functioning of a joint with all the tendons and muscles left in place.   

Partial or unicompartmental Knee replacement :

The knee includes 3 compartments such as Medial, lateral and patella-femoral. Arthritis is a common condition and can affect any part or whole of the knee. Partial or unicompartmental knee replacement is recommended when arthritis affect any of these compartments. Partial or unicompartmental Knee replacement requires smaller incisions, and it is not as complex as a total knee replacement. To opt this procedure, one must have strong bones and ligaments. In some instances, the individual with partial knee replacement may also require revision knee surgery.   

Patella-femoral arthroplasty or Knee cap replacement :

Knee cap replacement is a procedure in which your surgeon replaces the trochlea and undersurface of the knee cap. This procedure will be ideal for patients suffering from knee injuries rather than those with osteoarthritis.

Complex or revision Knee replacement:

When your arthritis reached to the severe extent, then revision knee replacement can be helpful. The artificial implants contain an elongated stem or at an irregular shape to fit into the bone cavity. In such instances, your surgeon may use extra pieces of metal to replace the bones that have become brittle due to several reasons such as arthritis, weak ligaments or a badly damaged or deformed knee.

Commonly Treated Knee Conditions:  

This is not a complete list, so please contact us or fill the Contact Form to know more about your condition :      

  • Arthritis
  • Meniscus Tears
  • ACL, MCL, PCL or LCL sprain or tear
  • Knee Instability
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome/Chondromalacia
  • Pes anserine bursitis
  • Baker’s cyst
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Biceps Femoris Insertional Tendinopathy
  • Hamstrings Tendinopathy

 Preparation for Surgery : 

  • Stop taking aspirin and other medications at least 5 days before the surgery
  • Decide the surgery date and get investigations of the surgical profile, 2D ECHO & ECG
  • Take antibiotics, if you have any dental or urine infections
  • Discharge on the 3rd day in case of the single knee and 5th day for both knees
  • Physiotherapy for at least 10 days after the discharge
  • Knee strengthening exercises both before and after the surgery

Infrastructure Highlights :

  • A 450-bed facility in 130,000 sq ft. built-up area
  • Multi-super specialty hospital
  • Entire floor dedicated to critical care
  • 12 modular operating theatres with laminar airflow
  • Exclusive floor for trauma suite – 25 ER beds
  • X-ray multislice, CT scan & 1.5 tesla MRI scan, cath lab, 2 operative rooms
  • 10-bed trauma ICU emergency with separate entry for ambulance round the clock

Why Choose Dr. P Gopal Reddy for Knee Replacement?

Dr. P Gopal Reddy, fellow joint replacement surgeon always strive to restore joint function and patient activity level as quickly as possible.  

  • Private Rooms  
  • Robotic-assisted knee surgery using robotic-arm technology
  • Computer-assisted surgery by utilizing computer-assisted navigation
  • Nurses with specialized training in the care for joint management
  • Case management during treatment and after discharge
  • Register dietician to monitor your dietary needs
  • Special Medicines for sports people  
  • Pain clinic for post-surgical recovery and long term follow up
  • Preoperative counseling
  • Thorough medical checking
  • Advanced pain management and progressive physical therapy
  • Postoperative accelerated rehabilitation  
  • A fully customized exercise program     
  • Free home & work safety tips   

What is Knee Replacement ?

Knee replacement is a major surgery performed to restore the lost mobility using specialized instruments. They are relatively safe with the success rate of 95%. It is one of the most significant medical advancements as it improves the quality of life of a patient, reduces stiffness and swelling, provides enough pain relief.


Types of Knee Replacement :

Knee surgeries help the patients in restoring their mobility. Usually, the following are the different types of knee surgeries performed by our surgeon :

  1. Total Knee Replacement
  2. Partial or unicompartmental Knee replacement
  3. Patellofemoral arthroplasty
  4. Complex or revision knee replacement

The type of surgery to be done depends on your medical history and examination. Usually, knee replacement surgery will be the last resort when all the non-operative methods have failed to control the knee pain.


Who Needs Knee Replacement?   

Knee replacement is recommended for patients when all the non-surgical treatment options failed to provide enough relief or restore joint mobility. Knee replacement is for you, if :   

  1. You have severe joint pain
  2. You are experiencing reduced mobility, swelling, and stiffness in your knee joint
  3. Your knee pain affecting your overall quality of life
  4. You are facing difficulty in performing everyday activities like shopping, bathing
  5. You are feeling depressed because of the lack of mobility



When Should I Have Knee Replacement Surgery ?

The decision to have knee replacement surgery depends on your overall medical history and examination. Your doctor will suggest surgery when you tried all nonoperative methods but failed to control the pain.    

Am I Too Old For The Surgery ?

Age is not an issue for the surgery. The only thing you need to have is reasonable health and a strong desire to live a productive and active life.   

Do I Need Physical Therapy When I Go Home?

Yes, physical therapy is a must at your home. We will arrange a physical therapist who can advise you on physical therapy.     

When Can I Get Back To Work ?

You can get back to work 4 weeks after the surgery.

How Long Will My Scar Be ?

Your scar will be approximately 4-5 inches long.

What  Are The Types Of Implants ?

We use all type of imported implants.

Is The Surgery Painful ?

You will have or experience some discomfort immediately after the surgery. However, your surgeon may prescribe you certain medications and pain relievers to control your pain.  

Can I Exercise After The Surgery ?

Yes, exercise can make rehabilitation easier after the surgery. It doesn’t cause any further harm to your knee.

What Are The Outcomes Of Knee Replacement Surgery ?

Around 95% of patients experience excellent results. You can enjoy a wide range of activities with no pain.

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